An Introduction

Whether it be fantasy or reality or something dirty in between~

It is a reflection of me

And you.


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Never Enough to be Pretty is all the change I have in my pocket- TL Banks


Wicked Something

My upper lip snarling, eye brow raised, upset is not the word I am looking for
Heart beat accelerates, finger tapping pulsates, can’t she see I am staring through her soul?
I hate the way she eats and thinks and looks and talks and acts
I don’t like her when she wears short skirts, long dresses or even slacks
I can’t stand the way she stands and sits and moves and breathes at all
I wish that a huge mountain would topple her into an endless waterfall
My leg is shaking, my teeth are bared, angry is not the word I would use
My sweat is flowing, angst is showing the only thing to solve it is booze
I have a drink, or two or six and it dawns on me why I want to abuse her
Because I am everything that she is and I think of myself as a loser.


Mr. D.Edward Stanley

In a novel they write
he sees her one night
and suddenly she is all that he breathes
In reality it goes
If the girl he barely knows
his plans are nothing more than to deceive
Here we are in this place
In this time and in this space
And I don’t know if this is real or if its written
But if the words you say are true
and what you have said you’ll surely do
Am I actual or am I fiction?


papier mâché

It got quiet, when sin walked into the room.
Before, there were dreamers shouting and parades for the pompous
And lust in Latin and graves and filthy fingernails
Before, there were streamers and fog and heavy drums
And wired bon vivants in capital robes with nothing to worship-
There were crimson lies and loud golden bangs and heated sulfur
Before, we made fire, we danced and chanted magic melodies
Yet all of it was brutally faded when sin came.
Before, we overate and overslept with greasy smiling faces
But as soon as sin arrived, we were exposed.
As soon as we saw with our own eyes, the real deal
As soon as we smelled everything that we had ever pretended to be
It got extremely quiet. We knew that we were sheep for shearing-
We were moved to our knees
and we disrobed
and we all waited
as one massive vibration
one giant invisible hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
floating silently by the sun, just waiting for sin to tell us
what to do from here on out…